Children and Adolescent Dentistry
Fillings and root canal treatment
Cosmetic Dental Care
Tooth whitening
Correction of misaligned teeth
Artificial teeth
Gum corrective treatments
Preventive dental care
Tooth sensitivity solutions
A chipped tooth before and after dental bonding.
A smile before and after the porcelain veneering process.
Our Infection control procedures
Most oral health care procedures are surgical in nature and require stringent infection control and asepsis. We care for our patients and deliver them treatments in a completely aseptic and hygienic environment. Gold standards in infection control are maintained by the means of an ultrasonic cleaner , autoclave and UV light chamber for the storage of sterilized instruments.
Diagnostic facilities with us
Generally patients can’t see what a dentist sees in his mouth and a degree of suspicion always remains with the patient about what exactly is the state of his mouth. To look into this particular problem, we use a digital intraoral camera for patient education, through which they are able to see the actual condition of their teeth and mouth on a LCD monitor. The digital images so clicked
can be stored, copied, transferred or printed on the paper or given to you in a CD, PEN-DRIVE or even sent to you through an email. Images taken by an intraoral camera can also be reviewed later and help you to see the condition of your mouth post treatment as well.
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